Our Story

David Williams

A renowned designer who has been creating unique, handmade clothing for over 20 years. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with Kenneth Cole's Black Label and Andrew Rosen's Theory. David's expertly crafted pieces have graced the wardrobes of numerous Grammy and Academy Award winners, thanks to his exceptional talent for highlighting and enhancing the distinctive features of his clients. Currently, David is focused on advancing a new genre of fashion called Reverse Engineering, which involves tailoring and elevating vintage clothing to new heights. In addition, Williams is the founder and CEO of Wave Sea Moss LLC and Ocean's Garden Sea Moss LLC.

Tristan Christopher
The sea raised me in a once sleepy Southern California beach town. My mother was instrumental in my ability to create, be an entrepreneur, and have a passion for the sciences. Her encouragement, Love, devotion, and living example guided me through the worst and best times. Everything I manifest is a tribute to her spirit.
Upon completing my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, I understood the significance of combining Western science with Kemetic & Eastern philosophy to attain a more well-rounded approach to healthy living. As the founder and proprietor of a women's health & wellness center, I find it incredibly fulfilling to offer top-notch information and instruction to improve quality of life and make it easily accessible to working women and mothers. Though developing comprehensive nutritional plans and complex functional training routines is a technical passion and labor of love, I eventually realized that nurturing my creative side was equally important for maintaining mental stability.
Thanks to my clients, members, and friends, I've made one of my dreams a reality! Creating wearable art for extraordinary people who let me run wild with my creativity...what more could an artist want? Throw in some spontaneity and a sprinkle of fun and Voila!
Our exclusive collection has been meticulously curated to meet your fashion desires. With an impressive range of colors, intricate designs, unique shapes, and thought-provoking art, our creations truly set us apart from everyday fashion. We are confident that our collection will make a remarkable and positive impact on your vibe and become a must-have in wardrobes around the globe.